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There are the obvious aesthetics around external and internal finishes, building style and colour schemes but there are some far more important aspects which will fundamentally influence the success of a project. Input from an experienced professional will be vital for each area.

Design parameters

How will the pool be used? The design and size of your swimming pool will factor heavily on your answer to this question, some further elements to think about are:

  • Will the pool be used for swimming practice?
  • Or for recreational use?
  • Water temperature?
  • Air temperature?
  • How many hours a day will the pool be uncovered?
  • How many people will be using the pool at once?

These items are the foundation for pool design as all these aspects will have impact on other design considerations further into the project. A pool designed for light family use between 2-4hrs a day will be completely different to one that will be used for regular swimming practice and longer durations.

Indoor Swimming Pool
Pool circulation design
Indoor Swimming Pool

This element of the pool may be hidden from view but this part of the process will keep the water crystal clear all year round.

  • It’s important to remember that any reputable pool company should be a member of SPATA, therefore working to British and European standards and abiding by a specific code of ethics to ensure the design and construction of your swimming pool are the best that they can be.
  • Safety standard audits are put in place so you can be safe in the knowledge your pool has been designed to the latest standards.
  • Temperature, bathing load and turnover are all essential elements to take into account to ensure the pool system is designed correctly.
Tailored dehumidification design

Ever wondered why some pool houses either smell badly of chlorinated pool water or are dripping with condensation - this vital part of the pool process will make or break a project.

  • In our previous email, we talked about the dangers of condensation in your pool house and the damage it can inflict.
  • For every individual project a tailored design should be put in place to take into account the dehumidification load, fresh air introduction, air circulation and distribution.
  • Key parameters and variables which influence the design are pool size, glazed areas and building volumes.
Indoor Swimming Pool
Building design
Indoor Swimming Pool

Planning permission isn’t always necessary to construct indoor pools as buildings which house indoor pools are generally classed as ‘permitted development’, however elements of the design and building will be subject to certain conditions:

  • The building itself must be single storey
  • There are restrictions on roof height that your pool company should be aware of
  • The location of your pool house will need to comply with certain regulations (distance from the house and not be placed at the side of the property)
  • Different regulations will apply if your property is situated near or in a National Park, World Heritage Site, Conservation Area, Greenbelt Land or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Choosing the right structural solution for your size of pool and building generally informs the design process with the parameters to ensure the correct insulation values are included. This in turn will provide the necessary information for the right vapour control barrier placement in order to protect the longevity of the building. The buildings applied finishes such as; ceiling, wall and floor finishes will all need to be robustly considered for the pool environment in both a health and safety and aesthetically pleasing sense to make sure the building has an elegant form which is also functional.

All of these components and processes put together may seem overwhelming and restrictive, however if you work with a swimming pool company that has years of experience and a dedicated team of experts who will help you through every step and be there from concept to completion, like Origin, it’s plain sailing.

Download the pdf "What must an indoor pool design include?"

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