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Outdoor Swimming Pool
Outdoor Swimming Pool
Outdoor Swimming Pool
Outdoor Swimming Pool

Outdoor Pool pricing

There are a wide variety of pool construction types and methods in the UK ranging from an entry level in ground plastic panelled pool system with a bag liner right through to the reinforced concrete pool chamber finished in a mosaic or large format tile.

The following is a realistic budget for a fully reinforced concrete block outdoor pool structure finished in a mosaic tile. Importantly the following includes excavation and soil removal (based on a level site with reasonable access), which is something many pool companies will either ask you to arrange or will be listed as options.

8m x 4m Outdoor Pool Example

  • 8m x 4m outdoor pool
  • 1.2m water depth
  • Constant depth
  • Concrete pool chamber finished in a glass mosaic tile
  • Concrete tiled corner step
  • Pool surround coping stones
  • Air source heat pump May to September 28°C
  • Pool fittings and equipment
  • Excavation
  • Excavated soil to be removed from site by full size grab lorry
  • Pool Plant (pump, filter and basic manual dosing system)
  • Pool Plumbing
  • 1 underwater light
  • Solar bubble cover and roller (manual)
  • Pool electrics
  • Plumber & Electrician
  • Pool starter kit of equipment and chemicals
  • Commissioning & Training

Outdoor pool prices as below: all including VAT @ 20%

  8m x 4m - £96,950.00
10m x 4m - £109,050.00
10m x 5m - £121,190.00 *
12m x 5m - £137,250.00 *
15m x 6m - £187,200.00
* Subject to site visit and associated air source heat pump performance review


Slatted deck mounted automatic cover approx. £8,000 to £11,000 depending on size

Magnesium based water treatment £6k inc vat
More info: www.zodiac-poolcare.co.uk/catalog/MagnaPool


Pool plant structure or housing
Paving around the pool
Cost to run water & electrics to pool plant location (a technical site survey is needed to confirm this)

You may find the following helpful - it is a link to a series of informative articles covering the important questions and decisions associated with choosing the right outdoor swimming pool for you and your family.

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