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Case Studies

pool to overcome every challenge

Debbie and Mark had always been keen swimmers and when Debbie was recovering from cancer, swimming was the one activity recommended by doctors as water supports overall body weight and gives a full workout without too much strain on the joints and bones.

Debbie and Mark knew they wanted something they could enjoy all year round and be an enhancement on the leisure facilities afforded to them by their garden and views in the summer.

Transform outdoor pool

Paul and Rebecca Jones moved into their family home 12 years ago with dreams of restoring the house and giving the landscaping a new lease of life. There was an existing outdoor swimming pool when they moved in which was ideal for the family as Paul is a keen swimmer, so much so they increased the size of the existing pool to 25 metres long to enable Paul to swim laps. However, the family quickly realised the pool didn’t get any use at all during the colder months and the decision was made to convert their existing outdoor pool into an indoor pool so they could enjoy the benefits of swimming all year round.

Sustainable Swimming

When the Simmons family first approached Origin they knew they wanted an outdoor swimming pool which could fit straight into their lifestyle. As a family with young children who love the water, Kirsty and Matt didn’t hesitate to contact Origin when the time was right. The need for a company with a reputation of high quality finished works is what ultimately led to them to choosing Origin. The Simmons family offered the chance of an outdoor pool project with a difference; renewable energy.

Case study

When Origin were approached by David and Sarah Thompson, it was clear they had already done their research. While house hunting in order to be closer to their grandchildren, the Thompsons has decided that a pool would be a great addition to their new home and had been looking for properties with already existing pools and pool houses. However after viewing multiple houses, it became apparent that the only way they could make sure they were getting the house and swimming pool of their dreams was to buy the house with the land they wanted and build their indoor swimming pool from scratch.

Case study

A brilliantly sociable living situation led Sarah and Anthony White to contact Origin to finally build the swimming pool they had always wanted. After selling a company, the Whites were able to purchase the two neighbouring houses and have friends come to live in each one. Knocking down the garden barriers made it clear that all that was missing from this otherwise ideal set up was a bespoke pool for them all to enjoy.

Case study

Katie and Jack had always loved swimming so when they had their first child it was important to them that he was a confident swimmer from a young age. Luckily Matthew shared his parents’ passion for the water, enjoying regular trips to the local pool as a baby. However, after a number of health and safetyconcerns during the winter months, Katie and Jack decided to leave public swimming pools behind in favour of the home pool they had always dreamed of.

Pool Designs

The arrival of seven grandchildren was a turning point for Heather and Mike who, having had an outdoor pool in the grounds of their home in Southampton for nearly 40 years, decided that there was no better time to upgrade their existing, tired old pool with a new, child-friendly indoor swimming pool from Origin.


Paul Green and his wife had always wanted an indoor pool, a dream that was made possible when they moved to a new home and had the space to extend. It was a big decision to make so the couple thought about it long and hard, even visiting friends who already had home swimming pools. Paul also found inspiration at work, where he is involved in high end property.

Case study

Peter and Christine moved to their former manor farmhouse in Buckinghamshire ten years ago, with hopes of restoring the historic property and gardens. The listed three-storey home and outbuildings were all in a conservation area, with parts of the property dating back to the 14th century.

Case study

For water-loving Suzanne and Graeme, it wasn’t just a dream retirement house that prompted their most recent house purchase, but the possibility of a swimming pool. Having moved from her beloved lakeside home, building her very own pool was the exact motivation Suzanne needed to warm to the prospect of moving.

Case study

When Sarah Taylor’s father moved to the south of France, she was able to enjoy holidays in the sunshine and had the luxury of using a swimming pool every day. She soon found that the use of a swimming pool was something she thoroughly enjoyed and decided this was a feature she would one day want in her own home. So when she moved to a small village on the Essex and Cambridge border three years ago, she had specific requirements for her new house, including a garden big enough to build her dream pool. 

Case study

The Singh family has recently added a pool house to their Buckinghamshire home, providing a luxurious space for relaxation and leisure. When they moved into their new house, they couldn’t have been happier. One feature made the family particularly excited for the move – an outdoor swimming pool. As a keen swimmer Mr Singh was excited about the prospect of being able to use a pool from the comfort of his own home. However, he soon found that the English weather made this difficult. 

Case study

When asked why the Venables family chose Origin, Charlotte said “The company was recommended to us. They have been in existence well over thirty years and know what they’re doing. We didn’t want to make any expensive mistakes.”

Case study

When the Burchfield family decided that their family life and their home would benefit enormously from having a pool house they investigated the subject thoroughly. Some friends had invested in an Origin indoor pool, and were very happy with the result.

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