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The fact that Origin take the project all the way from concept to completion was an added draw too. From concepts to design, planning to building, the project is all handled internally by teams who have racked up dozens of years of experience between them, and are committed to delivering perfection in this highly skilled field. As Charlotte said, “The one-stop shop is definitely the way to go.”

In the first instance they met founder director Andrew Ginger, who gave them confidence, and was very welcoming of the family’s personal taste, and the ideas they had to maximise their vision of their own pool house. Their thoughts were interpreted exactly by Origin’s designers, and unique suggestions from both sides were plentiful.

Did they have a wide choice of options? Certainly. Top quality materials were offered throughout, and the whole team had a good eye for detail, a perfectionist approach to finishes, and an experienced but open mind to unconventional ideas.

The Venables eased their thinking away from the convention of the blue swimming pool and, after much deliberation, chose a very different tile which produced a brown slate effect to the water. It worked beautifully.

Charlotte, “The planning? This was no problem whatsoever. Origin took care of the whole thing, and the building inspector visited only once. The process couldn’t have been easier.”

Any issues that evolved were dealt with promptly and efficiently, and the construction team were clean, neat and efficient. At this stage Charlotte Venables mentioned Andy, Fiona, Linden and especially Sean as being painstakingly competent.

The Origin Pool House was finished on time and on budget. And in answer to the question ‘Has the project improved family life?’ Charlotte said, “It is a lovely addition to our home. It has provided a wealth of extra space, and is a perfect meeting point for the whole family. It’s also a great place for our teenagers to hang out!”

Everybody happy. That’s what Origin likes to see…

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