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Summer or no summer: How to get the most out of your pool

Indoor Pool

If this summer has taught us anything so far it’s that sun is not a certainty, especially here in the UK. Here at Origin, we want to show you how to get the most out of your swimming pool and pool house so it can feel like summer all year round. Over the past year and a half, more of us than ever are realising the importance of outside space and having a place in our homes where we can go to switch off, relax and have fun. An Origin swimming pool and pool house can be that place. We specialise in creating award winning pools that can be completely tailored to you and your family’s needs. So whatever you’re looking to get out of your pool, Origin can make it happen.

As we move forward into the future and begin settling into a life post covid, we are all striving to make time for what’s really important. At Origin, we know ‘making time’ looks different for everyone but an easy way to start could be by setting aside one day a week for anything from family fun Fridays to self-care Sundays. Luckily, we work closely with you to create a swimming pool design that suits your home, lifestyle, family and budget. Every pool project we work on is unique and requires all of the specialist areas to be integrated into a consolidated design from the start as the process of designing and building a pool house is quite unlike any other building project.

We all know swimming is an amazing activity with multiple physical advantages but it also heavily benefits our mental health too. It improves quality of sleep and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. Having time in the pool gives you the space to work through any stress or worries, in fact the movement of water over your body creates a massaging sensation which encourages you to relax. Just being in water increases blood flow to the brain, boosting your brain health and overall mood.

Indoor Pool
Indoor Pool

At Origin, we believe owning a pool is about more than the pool itself. In order to truly get the most of your swimming experience your pool house needs to be well thought out and designed with your goals in mind. If you want to create a new social hub in your home Origin can suggest ways to elevate the space, whether that’s by adding a spa, sauna, yoga room, juice bar, kitchen or lounge area. Your pool house could be a centre of wellness, an area of relaxation or a new party setting where friends and family can gather. Whatever you want to achieve, Origin will help you take the steps to create your ultimate swimming pool and pool house.

Contact us for your free consultation by calling Dave Horne on 01895 453996 or emailing info@originpools.co.uk. Let’s get you swimming!

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