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PART 4: Water Treatment Options

Water treatment is a fundamental requirement for swimming pool owners to ensure the water is free from harmful bacteria, viruses and algae. The water must not cause corrosion or scaling and it should not cause any discomfort to bathers. Bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms are carried into the pool by swimmers and can multiply in untreated water. In order to ensure your pool doesn’t have these problems, a pool disinfectant must be used;


Chlorine is the top product used for treating swimming pool water. It is highly disinfecting, adapts to huge volumes, easy to use and most particularly, economic.

  • It can have disadvantages when used incorrectly or when the quantity is not respected: it may cause irritation. This is due to chloramine, a substance which is formed when chlorine interacts with the swimmers, particularly with their sweat, saliva and other secretions. It is this substance which causes skin, eye and respiratory irritations.

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UV Ultraviolet

Outdoor Swimming Pool

The principle is simple: A lamp which produces ultraviolet rays (UV-C rays), is placed in the filter circuit. When dirty water passes through the lamp, the rays destroy the DNA of micro-organisms. The water comes out treated… but not disinfected! For this, another type of treatment needs to be used alongside the lamp (chlorine) but in reduced strengths.


It is a common misconception that saltwater systems do not have chlorine. A saltwater pool will have lower levels of chlorine than a traditional chlorine pool as it’s produced at a steady level rather than added to the pool with chlorine sticks or tablets. Salt is added to the pool instead, and a saltwater generator produces hypochlorous acid for sanitation through electrolysis which is the breakdown of the salt by passing electricity through the saltwater solution. Despite the name of a saltwater pool, the salt content is approximately that of human tears, about one-tenth the salinity of ocean water. Swimmers can open their eyes underwater and it has the added benefit of making bathers skin feel softer.

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Treating water with magnesium is based on 2 processes: on the one side, we have MagnaPool® minerals, made up of magnesium, which act as a water treatment, and on the other, a new filtering medium which must replace the existing one (containing pure glass crystals, called Crystal Clear®). This complete system allows for the enriching of the water in terms of minerals; it is thus healthier and more environmentally friendly. Studies have proven that absorbing magnesium chloride through the skin (transdermal) is one of the most effective ways for the body to maintain healthy levels of this important mineral. Magnesium is responsible for many important cellular processes in the body. It can support detoxification, reduce stress and alleviate aches. It promotes energy and wellbeing, and can restore soft and healthy skin. It will help keep chloramine levels to a minimum, so the water is gentler on sensitive skin. Due to the strong flocculent effect of magnesium, it works like a magnet helping to remove impurities, organic debris and combined chlorine.

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