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Condensation occurs when the temperature of an object (e.g. glass, metal, or even grass) falls below what is known as the dew point temperature for a given relative humidity. This causes water vapour from the atmosphere to condense into water droplets on its surface.

We are all familiar with condensation on a bathroom mirror or a cold drink outdoors in the summer. Now imagine the challenge of 30m² to 40m² of warm water in a pool building on a cold winters day, if your pool company or builder doesn’t understand the effect that water temperature and humidity can have on your pool and pool building, the consequences can be disastrous.

Indoor Swimming Pool
The consequences of high humidity
Indoor Swimming Pool

The consequences of high humidity in poorly designed pool rooms are well documented;

Health issues - High humidity can contribute to health issues, it facilitates the growth of mould and mildew which can irritate respiratory infections. Inhaling or touching mould spores may cause an allergic reaction, such as sneezing, red eyes and skin rash as well as asthma attacks.

Building issues - Humidity can also have effect on the pool building, and if left can have catastrophic results including roof collapse, destructive condensation within the building structure and deterioration of the internal finishes.

How to avoid this:

Building design - The design of your building structure is critical and your architect & builder should be familiar with how a building will perform in such high levels of humidity. The important aspects to remember are:

  • Construction methods – avoid steel structures and cavity walls, timber framed structures are much better suited to a pool environment
  • Roof design - a warm deck roof is essential. If your architects design incorporates a cold deck roof then alarm bells should be ringing!
  • Cold bridging is critical on an indoor pool, this can include extra insulation around the lintels/posts or solid structural members
  • A bespoke design will be needed for dehumidification, air circulation and distribution
  • Material selection for internal finishes - there is a long list of do’s and don’t’s, the right company will guide you through and make the right decisions.
Indoor Swimming Pool

The team at Origin have 40 years of experience specialising in the construction of indoor pools. We have architects experienced in everything from archaeological requirements through to listed buildings and conservation. Our construction specialists lay down the detailed design for each project to ensure your pool building is trouble free. Having built in excess of 1500 indoor pools it’s safe to say, we know what we’re doing and we’ll be there for you from concept to completion.

Download the pdf "Condensation and Indoor pools"

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